Remote Access

Remote access to our research databases is available to Kwantlen students and employees. You must start your research from the library home page. Once you try to access the full text of an article or book, you will be prompted for your KPU login.

Here is the login information you will need to use to access these online resources:

  • For Students:
    Username = Student Number
    Password = Same Password Used to Register for Classes Online

  • For Faculty:
    Username = Your Assigned Short Name (the same that you use to log in to your office computers)
    Password = Same password used to log in to office computers
    ***Note: Library databases are unavailable from a VPN connection. Please use a direct interent connection for their use***

  • For Staff and Administrators:
    Username = Same Name ID Used to Access Office Computers
    Password = Same Password Used to Login to Office Computers

Troubleshooting tips

  • You must have 'Cookies' enabled on your browser. This will ensure that the system will recognize you after you enter your login credentials just once despite how many databases you use during your browser session.
  • If your username/password works for logging into Moodle or computers on campus, but does not work for logging into our databases, try a password reset. This often triggers library database access. If you use any type of chain to automatically save passwords, you will need to make sure that is updated to your changes.
  • Library databases are unavailable from a VPN connection. Please use a direct internet connection for their use.
  • Still having issues?? We are here to help! Contact us by phone, email or text and we will assist you -
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