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The KPU Peer Wellness Program has three main objectives:

1.Offer social support and opportunities for social connection to KPU students from KPU students;

2.Provide students with a one-stop shop to navigate health and wellness resources on campus;

3.Advocate for enhanced student health and wellness on campus;

The Peer Wellness Program aims to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all KPU students. Our staff and volunteers on the KPU Peer Wellness Team are expected to provide a safe space for all, act as active allies, and highlight the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the work that they do. There are a number of factors that impact student wellbeing (social, financial, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, etc…), and we hope the Peer Wellness Space can be a place where students can navigate these issues and find support.

  • Our Peer Wellness Team hosts Instagram Live sessions, social events, and on-campus information booths where you can connect with other students, and have fun by engaging in activities that align with the six dimensions of wellness outlined in KPU’s Healthy University Initiative. To see what events the Peer Wellness Team is hosting soon, visit our "Events and Activties" page!
  • The Peer Wellness Team is also available to provide KPU students with information about health and wellness resources you can access on campus! If you'd like to receive individualized health and wellness resources from our team, you can also submit a request on our "Resources" page or pop by one of our Instagram Live sessions.

We post our updates on Instagram, so follow us at @KPUPeerWellness to learn about the Peer Wellness Team and find out what events we're hosting this semester!